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Do Not Naked

In my ages now, I am very concerned with young people today. Based on a broadcast television station, many fact the youth have trapped in many free sexual activities that tends to lead to prostitution. 57% of indonesian youth had sex with his or her partners before marriage. And 27% of them have doing abortion. πŸ‘Ώ

What’s happened with this youth ?

With hedonisme era, the desire to have valuables things or gadgets to follow fashion and be called fashionable, stylist, trend setter. Make this young peoples blind for her morallity or the teenagers period. Most of all, there are many case i’ve been studied, these youth had bravery to naked in front of cellular phone cameras and being taped or recorded and distribute freely between peer to peers.

This case become more comprehensively, that the our youth trapped in prostitution because these endorsed elements or become victims of raping, seduction, sexual harassment.

Please The Majority of authorities beware of this situation and conduct of our youth.

Dirgahayu Indonesian Youth !!!

Published Photos

There are photos of e-learning award 2008 in Puppets Musseum TMII October 28, 2008.

Picture of Me (with blue shirt and sun glasses old timer) with my best student of Axiaga Fighter, this team compete in mural graphics on the wall.

Damn Critism

Tomorrow there are many activities to cemmorate our school, the celebrating 25th years of our institution. But, i had many worried about the activities. Damn .. Damn … Damn …

What about this, what about that. Many problems had pointed to me, as managing director or else. Especially about raising fund, campaign and sponsorships. The other team member have nothing to spare just work quitely without sound and no results. Just critized and critized more and many more.

How about you today ? Are you having more critism in your team ?

Strange connection

Today my phoneline is having strange situation. If idle, the idle tone not heared, but if you dial number 3232*** then phone will be ringed and then the internet connetion will be established.

Very strange circumstances … but I like it, becauce I am willing to write blog again as usual. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

Bad Mood

I have no idea, what happened yesterday. In the early morning i wake up and writing – commenting – describing usually breaking blogging and this day, there is bad situation. Internet connection from speedy could not be established well. So now I’m depend on my cellular phone 6300 with kartuHALO card from Telkomsel.

In speed up from cellular operator, not best enough but surely do to make a post. But lack of this connection is I could upload the photos because need more bandwith and pulse. And that possible to make the internet cost get higher than previous month.

Please Telkom, make your customer satisfied esspecially in Regional V – Regional Divition of East Kalimantan, you’reΒ  help is required:cry: πŸ˜₯

Student Blog Competition

After have enough experience in writing web blog, especially after the recognition nationally. This time it seems to commemorate the anniversary to-25 in school where I teach, the students make corrections competition making the web blog.

This are the examples, which the following web blog that you like ?

GammaBunta web blog (5th group of natural science majors K-11)

Radiazi web blog (1st group of natural science majors K-12)

Galaxiiga web blog (3rd group of natural science majors K-12)

El Vosfor web blog (4th group of natural science majors K-11)

Axiaga web blog (3rd group of natural science majors K-11)

In The name of Gexida (2nd group of natural science majors K-11)