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Published Photos

There are photos of e-learning award 2008 in Puppets Musseum TMII October 28, 2008.

Strange connection

Today my phoneline is having strange situation. If idle, the idle tone not heared, but if you dial number 3232*** then phone will be ringed and then the internet connetion will be established.

Very strange circumstances … but I like it, becauce I am willing to write blog again as usual. 😀 😆

Physics Followers, ex Pizza, Gammabunta, Gexida, Axiaga family

For the followers of physics lessons with teacher, Mr. Rudy Hilkya, is expected to be prepared to learn elasticity, style and movement of harmonic spring, and the energy potential for adequacy test. The test will be conducted in the 2nd weeks of November 2008. Continue reading

Physics Law

From Wikipedia :

The law of physics is the scientific generalizations based on empirical observation. Law is the natural conclusion drawn from that, or the hypothetical reiterated by scientific experiments. Brief description of the creation of nature in the form of a number of law is fundamental science objectives. Indeed, the laws of physics can apply because the will of God. Continue reading

Class Acitivities

The following is a photo album of learning in physics class for groups pizza, gexida, axiaga, el vosfor, and gammabunta.

New Experience

Next is my forward comments, opinions, communication about how learning physics in other places or how the school is also in other countries.

This new experience to open a new horizon to know more and new acquaintances with people from the teaching of physics.