New Friend

As the newest blog that i’ve ever wrote. This blog still young and not many know. But surely but true, this few days become knowing. You can see the stat (in this day i’ve write it) came with numbers 50 followers. If compared with the another newest blog’s i had, this blog more advanced. 😀

One indication the populair are the comments, in this blog i’ve received 3 comments. And one comments came from a new friend, daughter of my teacher collague, who named Nohara, you can follow the link to her blog.

She was a student of senior high school from East Barito or we usuall call SMAN-1 Ampah, the member of english debate team from the most valuable school in new district of central Kalimantan.

With this example, i hope my student in SMAN-2 Pahandut or 2nd senior high school of Palangka Raya can make difference and move forward do not lose in the “unwritten competition of live”

Student Blog Competition

After have enough experience in writing web blog, especially after the recognition nationally. This time it seems to commemorate the anniversary to-25 in school where I teach, the students make corrections competition making the web blog.

This are the examples, which the following web blog that you like ?

GammaBunta web blog (5th group of natural science majors K-11)

Radiazi web blog (1st group of natural science majors K-12)

Galaxiiga web blog (3rd group of natural science majors K-12)

El Vosfor web blog (4th group of natural science majors K-11)

Axiaga web blog (3rd group of natural science majors K-11)

In The name of Gexida (2nd group of natural science majors K-11)

Physics Followers, ex Pizza, Gammabunta, Gexida, Axiaga family

For the followers of physics lessons with teacher, Mr. Rudy Hilkya, is expected to be prepared to learn elasticity, style and movement of harmonic spring, and the energy potential for adequacy test. The test will be conducted in the 2nd weeks of November 2008. Read more »

Penalty Executions – Shot To Kill

Executions have been carried out as punishment for the tycoon shoot explosive Bali bombings in 2002 which was held in Orange Plantation, Nirbaya, Nusa Kambangan on Saturday (8/10/2008) early morning yesterday.
Today (9/10/2008) held by the family burial remains respective places of their origin.

Please make this are the last death sentence ever been in Indonesia.

Physics Law

From Wikipedia :

The law of physics is the scientific generalizations based on empirical observation. Law is the natural conclusion drawn from that, or the hypothetical reiterated by scientific experiments. Brief description of the creation of nature in the form of a number of law is fundamental science objectives. Indeed, the laws of physics can apply because the will of God. Read more »

Death Pinalty

from Wikipedia :

The death penalty is a penalty imposed or the verdicts the court (or without the court) as the heaviest form of punishment imposed on someone Read.

In Indonesia, tens of people have died executed following the system of the Penal Code colonial relic. Even during the New Order of the victims executed most of the political prisoners.

Although both constitutional amendment’45 Constitution, Article 28 paragraph 1, states: “The right to life, the right not to torture, the rights of freedom of thought and conscience, religious rights, the right not to be enslaved, the right to privacy is recognized as the legal front, and the right not to be charged on the basis of the applicable law is retroactive human rights that can not be reduced under any circumstances “, but the legislation remains under threat include the death penalty.

Groups supporting the death penalty not only that the murderer just have the right to life and not tortured. The public also have the right to live and not tortured. To maintain the rights of living people, the violation of these rights should be executed.

Until 2006 there are 11 registered legislation, which still has the threat of the death penalty, such as the Penal Code, the Law on Narcotics, Anti-Corruption Law, Law on Anti-terrorism, law courts and human rights. This list can increase with the length of the Intelligence Bill, and Bill Secret State.

Class Acitivities

The following is a photo album of learning in physics class for groups pizza, gexida, axiaga, el vosfor, and gammabunta.

New Hobby – ornamental fish

Already this week, I keep ornamental fish in the guest room, and it seems very happy to have a new hobby. However, the shocking surprise was already three tails, ornamental fish are victims of setting up the aquarium. example : two Comet fish and one species of fish broom-broom 😆 (we called in indonesian was Ikan Sapu-Sapu)
Although sad, but also eventually enliven small aquarium is located in the guest room to beautified our space.

Look at this place … to see the Fishy

New Experience

Next is my forward comments, opinions, communication about how learning physics in other places or how the school is also in other countries.

This new experience to open a new horizon to know more and new acquaintances with people from the teaching of physics.

Hai world! This is Rudy

Welcome to This is my first post in English as international Language.  And you can start blogging as soon as possible.

Thank You WordPress, Thank You Matt.