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Picture of Me (with blue shirt and sun glasses old timer) with my best student of Axiaga Fighter, this team compete in mural graphics on the wall.

damn 13

This day, in early morning i felt this is a good day. So I used my tie with formal dress. To run the make a difference programme. Start with asking the students to cleaning the garbage in their locker’s, table drawer, etc. Then, make a new teach model start with group investigation. Closing the teaching show, i was make gammabunta group major of science to felt happy for the assignment. After few hours, we (heri, krisna, and I) went to Telkomsel office to make a negotiating proccess to celebrating the 25th of SMADA Palangka Raya with Telkomsel for our sponsor.

With hard discussed and little hard pushed words, the negotiating became a negotiable and fun circumstances. But the sad, begin in the evening. My telephone system and DSL could not reach to accessed the internet as usuall. Hard to believe, Telkom as major internet service provider with had many experiences couldn’t solve this problem quickly and make comfortable for customers.

So, i wrote this post with 6300 modem’s using the IM3 card and kartuHALO.

Inconvinience is my middle name, said this telecomunication corpย  ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† just like Light Public Enterprise (or PLN)

Please if you are not satisfied with the ISP, could join me to comment.

Student Blog Competition

After have enough experience in writing web blog, especially after the recognition nationally. This time it seems to commemorate the anniversary to-25 in school where I teach, the students make corrections competition making the web blog.

This are the examples, which the following web blog that you like ?

GammaBunta web blog (5th group of natural science majors K-11)

Radiazi web blog (1st group of natural science majors K-12)

Galaxiiga web blog (3rd group of natural science majors K-12)

El Vosfor web blog (4th group of natural science majors K-11)

Axiaga web blog (3rd group of natural science majors K-11)

In The name of Gexida (2nd group of natural science majors K-11)

New Experience

Next is my forward comments, opinions, communication about how learning physics in other places or how the school is also in other countries.

This new experience to open a new horizon to know more and new acquaintances with people from the teaching of physics.

Hai world! This is Rudy

Welcome to This is my first post in English as international Language.ย  And you can start blogging as soon as possible.

Thank You WordPress, Thank You Matt.