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New Friend – Cindy Calista

She’s one of my blog log visitor. She’s a sister of my student. But her comment so delightful and make a new improve for this blog writer to make a article about her. Cindy Calista is a daughter of one petroleum distributor tycoon in my town. (I’m sorry could not post her photos because connection with friendster server could not be established) Who are studying in Hang Tuah University, Surabaya.

Her visiting to mine because my assignment to her sister (my student right now) to campaigned The Physics Teacher blog’s to everyone who had problem of major study about physics in Senior High School. But that campaign became a new style to have a new visitors abroad.

New Friend

As the newest blog that i’ve ever wrote. This blog still young and not many know. But surely but true, this few days become knowing. You can see the stat (in this day i’ve write it) came with numbers 50 followers. If compared with the another newest blog’s i had, this blog more advanced. 😀

One indication the populair are the comments, in this blog i’ve received 3 comments. And one comments came from a new friend, daughter of my teacher collague, who named Nohara, you can follow the link to her blog.

She was a student of senior high school from East Barito or we usuall call SMAN-1 Ampah, the member of english debate team from the most valuable school in new district of central Kalimantan.

With this example, i hope my student in SMAN-2 Pahandut or 2nd senior high school of Palangka Raya can make difference and move forward do not lose in the “unwritten competition of live”